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This past three weeks has been a huge challenge.  Everywhere I turn there’s boxes, paperwork, unfinished “stuff”…in short there’s piles and piles of chaos.  Time is getting short where I live, as my last day in the pulpit here is Sunday the 24th of January.  I have commitments every day between now and Monday.  Then Tuesday is a day with absolutely nothing scheduled.  Wednesday the car gets packed up and we head west.

Generally I don’t cope well with chaos.  I like order, structure, routine.  And I find myself emotionally all over the map.  I’ve got forms to fill in for my new Diocese.  I’m working with the current Parish Council to work out changes to the new slate of officers.  At the same time I’m writing reports for both congregations…all awesome but still quite scary.

Everywhere I look – at the Church, the Church office, my home, there is a pile of stuff to sort through.  I’m giving a lot of stuff away as it no longer holds a connection for me.  I have been given and have aquired a lot of “stuff” and while there was a plan and purpose for that “stuff” it is no longer the case.

What I’ve been doing is cleaning and holding a piece of pottery or an object and I think of who this reminds me of…then I give it to that person, explaining that this is a gift to them from me, and that it came from my home.  They can keep it and/or give it away when they are finished with it.  This may sound crazy, but it is something that I’ve begun to realise about myself.

I’m not materialistic.  I don’t pay a lot for my clothing and I don’t have a lot of clothing.  I pared down my books, which was very difficult.  The books I have now all have meaning and will be used for reference, etc.  I’m being specific with the way I deal with “stuff”.  Does it make me smile, is there a blessed memory to go along with it?  Can I live without it and not miss it or pine for it?  And if I say yes to these things, I let it go.

It’s been very freeing and peace-filled.

I realise there are things I’ve held on to because of who gave them to me.  They don’t mean anything to me other than that.  There is no “sacred connection” and so, those things, I’m choosing to let go.  And it feels great.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been sorting through computer files.  Deleting, merging, updating, and while that’s electronic, it’s also been very therapeutic.  I’m taking what there is too much of and making it manageable.  Do I really need Epiphany bulletins dating back 8 years?  Even electronically?  Nope.

My goal is to take the files I have on my home laptop and transfer them to a memory stick for the Church and one for back up for me.  At the Church I’m doing the same thing.  And it’s oh, so freeing.

So while I’m not yet at the place of tidiness and cleanliness in my house – I am in a place of great peace with the “stuff”.  And I like that.


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