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In the parish where I serve there are stained glass windows in a triptych behind the altar.  There is also one in the large window of the Gathering Space.  There are large windows at the back/front of the church where the morning sun pours through, bathing the sanctuary in light.

Some Sundays the sun is so bright you can’t quite see.  Makes negotiating the chancel steps a challenge.

Yesterday we had the young grand-daughter of parishioners visiting.  N is absolutely adorable, a little blonde angel.  Through the service she sat at the back with Nana and played, chatting happily about everything around her.  It was a joyful noise.  The happy sound of a child at play brings such joy to a world-weary heart.  I noticed many parishioners nodding and smiling as she was playing…not a worry or care in the world.

When it was time to sing the Eucharistic prayer she hopped off her Nana’s lap and came towards the sound of the singing.  Her blonde pigtails glowing with the vast sunlight, making everything seem bathed in gold.  She looked up at me, at one point, and while I continued singing, I gestured for her to come forward.  She did.  She spotted her Papa and climbed the chancel stairs gleefully to be scooped into his arms while the congregation sang.

Once the Eucharistic prayer was finished she wiggled down and ran back to Nana at full speed, her tiny feet thumping against the carpet and wooden floor.  It was a moment of absolute joy and absolute bliss.  I felt honoured to be in the place where I could see something so innocent and lovely.

In many ways, her approach to the table was very much like life.  She was drawn to something uncertain, the unknown, and she came towards it, tentatively at first, then with more curiosity.  Finally seeing the one she loves and she’s embraced into a safe and joyous place.

When her curiosity is sated she is happy to run back to report what she had seen, much like the women who gathered at the empty tomb on that first Easter Day.

May we always remember the joy and purity of innocence.  May we embrace our own joy and wonder at that which surrounds us.  Life is about discovery.  May we always embrace that absolute joy.

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